Visit Our Laser Dentistry Office After an Accident

If you have damaged a tooth, visit our laser dentistry office.  We treat patients of all ages and focus on preventative oral health care.  By cleaning teeth and treating cavities when they are small, we help teeth to remain strong so that the chance of them becoming damaged is decreased.  There are certain types of dental accidents, however, that cannot be avoided.  If you think that it could never happen to you, consider this –

Every year there are around 5.4 million car wrecks with millions of people injured as a result.  Many of these are injuries to the mouth and face.

Around 5 million children suffer sports-related injuries every year. Adults, are not immune to this so if you want to protect you and your children, wear a mouthguard to minimize the risk of damaging or losing a tooth while playing or practicing.

Slip and fall accidents impact one in three people over the age of 65. These accidents are so prevalent across all age groups that 9 million people visit the emergency room every year as a result.

If you end up in an accident that damages your teeth, visit our laser dentistry office.  We can treat the damage and restore your teeth to full health and functionality.  It is important that you visit a dentist instead of the local emergency room because the physicians there are not trained in how to diagnose or treat dental problems.  They can give you medication, but that’s about it.  For a full restoration, you need to seek the care of an expert.

Laser dentistry is the best treatment solution for you because it is either non-invasive or minimally invasive based on the procedure.  We use lasers to perform the same type of dental work that we always have, only without irritating your teeth or the surrounding gum tissue.  Since laser energy is so fine, we can do things like treat gum disease by breaking up plaque and tartar under the gums without irritating them.  This means that you can recover faster and experience good oral health.  Simultaneously, we can use lasers to treat tooth decay so that you can be cavity free.

Additionally, when performing dental restorations after an accident, we can use lasers to stop your gums from bleeding, decrease any swelling or irritation and make it so that you can recover faster.  This is done by stimulating the overall healing process.  Given that your mouth will already have experienced trauma from the accident minimizing the discomfort during your procedure is important.  Lasers allow us to do so.

In fact, many of our patients no longer ask for pain medication because they are so comfortable and relaxed during their treatment.  If you are someone that avoids visiting the dentist due to dental anxiety or a phobia, lasers make it possible for you to relax because there is no noise, heat, pressure or vibration when using them.  This will make your experience in our office far more pleasant than if you were to visit a traditional dentist office.  For more information, call and schedule an appointment today.

Darlene De La Paz